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Investing in women to create a more equitable future in medicine

Women make up only 13% of currently practicing cardiologists, and these already low numbers decrease dramatically when considering those in leadership positions in both academic and clinical settings. Meaningful progress towards gender parity in cardiovascular leadership must include financial support. Our awards and grants are designed to provide this support to high-potential women cardiologists at all levels and to fortify the pipeline of women leaders in medicine.

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The Escalator Awards

The Escalator Awards are an annual recognition of highly qualified women cardiologists who are taking action to improve patient care in their specialty. These awards offer targeted funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities. By providing support and visibility to talented women cardiologists, we hope to develop a more equitable healthcare workforce. 

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The 2024 Escalator Awards

Women As One has refined the Escalator Awards program to focus exclusively on mentorship, which has consistently been identified as a key factor in career success for women cardiologists. 

The program will develop mentorship pairings with a unique global focus, joining an experienced mentor physician with a mentee who is currently in fellowship training. These cross-institutional pairs will work together to advance the field of cardiology and the specific goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Each award has been sponsored by a partner organization in a particular area of clinical interest.  

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