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Transforming the future workforce of medicine

Our mission is to promote talent in medicine by providing women cardiologists with unique professional opportunities.

By supporting women cardiologists in their careers, we can shift the future of healthcare and transform women’s health.​

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Building a better future for women in medicine

We’re dedicated to supporting and empowering women cardiologists. Through thoughtfully curated opportunities, both in-person and online, we’re driving meaningful change toward a more equitable medical workforce.

Discover how we’re making a difference in the lives of thousands of women and explore how you can be a part of this journey.

How we’re shaping the future of women
in medicine through collaboration

Women comprise roughly​ 20% of cardiologists in the world, make up less than 10% of leaders in cardiology and face significant systematic challenges within the cardiovascular workforce.

At Women As One, we’re committed to shaping the future careers of women in medicine through collaboration with individual physicians, professional organizations, medical and pharmaceutical companies and others to help make our goals a reality.

We believe that creating more opportunities for women cardiologists to enter, remain, and become leaders in the field will be the catalyst to a more equitable workforce in medicine and lead to better patient outcomes within the field of cardiology.

For Physicians

For Partners