Developing and promoting safety in the workplace

Now more than ever, it is critical to keep health care workers protected so that they can safely perform their life-saving work. Radiation exposure is consistently cited as a barrier which dissuades women from certain medical fields. Despite this, training on radiation safety and awareness of safety policies and procedures are globally inconsistent. At Women as One, we aim to promote radiation safety in the workplace through resources highlighting proper training, protective equipment, and policies essential to the modern workforce.

47% of female cardiologists have avoided being pregnant during periods when they would be exposed to radiation

Put safety first

Radiation safety training and protection are essential for a modern workforce. Our work in radiation safety focuses on:

  • Providing education and radiation safety basics for all cardiologists regarding pregnancy-related radiation exposure on entering fellowship, at time of employment, and each time they undergo fluoroscopy credentialing.
  • Advocating for global standards and policies that match the science around radiation exposure.

Resources for all care team members


Radiation Safety in the Practice of Cardiology: What All Women Need to Know

We’ve partnered with MedShr on a four-part course designed to educate all members of the care team on the basics of radiation safety and the specific implications for those members who are pregnant while performing procedures in clinical environments that use radiation. In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Radiation Safety in the Practice of Cardiology
  • The Pregnant Care Team Member
  • Radiation Safety Best Practices
  • Implementing a Culture of Radiation Safety


Radiation Safety Basics

Download our global posters highlighting key facts and figures on radiation safety.