Parental leave is a right for everyone

Strong parental leave policies and standards are proven to benefit both parents and children. While a global issue, in the United States, a lack of national parental leave policies often places the burden on individuals to navigate and negotiate for fair leave. When added to the negative stigma of taking leave in medicine, it is unsurprising that family life balance is a known barrier to women physicians entering subspecialties disproportionately comprised of men.

At Women as One, we want to change this narrative by advocating for global standards on parental leave, encouraging all parents, regardless of gender, to take leave and demonstrating solutions to support parental leave practices.

The United States is the only wealthy country in the world without any guaranteed paid parental leave at the national level

Practical Solutions to Implement Real Change

Parental leave is a fundamental right and imperative for gender equity. Our work in parental leave focuses on:

  • Providing practical solutions to support all parents in the United States to take parental leave.
  • Creating resources for US organizations for providing parental leave and postpartum care support.
  • Developing transparency across global parental leave minimums as a path towards global standards.

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