Promoting women into clinical trial leadership

A study looking at the representation of women across the leadership of 200 clinical trials found that of the 2433 leadership committee members, just 11.1% of them were women. In fact, 41.5% of the 200 trials had no women investigators whatsoever.

Without women leading research, there are subsequently fewer women authoring manuscripts, fewer women invited to speak as subject matter experts, and fewer women ascending in academic rank. In essence, without women leading research, women continue to fall behind in academic medicine.

These statistics also highlight an important gap in patient care as women investigators have been proven to enroll more women into clinical trials; an area where they have been historically underrepresented. Therefore, we aim to promote women in clinical trial leadership positions in order to create a domino effect of success for all women.

Studies that involve women investigators have shown to enroll women patients at a 7% higher rate than studies without women investigators.

Consider all sides of the issue

Women-led research is essential for women in medicine and for women patients. Our work in promoting women-led research focuses on:

  • Training the next generation of women investigators
  • Supporting experienced investigators in finding existing opportunities
  • Creating a global research network of women trialists

Resourcing the future of clinical trial leadership

CLIMB Research

The CLIMB Research program aims to train beginner researchers from around the world in the fundamentals of conducting clinical research studies.

Escalator Research Award

The Escalator Research Award provided funding to women clinical scientists to support their research interests and career growth.

Mining the Talent Directory

The Talent Directory collects detailed investigator information available to support diversity among investigator and site selection for clinical trials.

Conversation around women in research
Women led research is essential