Equal Opportunities Now

Women make up 70% of the healthcare workforce yet represent a paltry percentage of its leadership. Nearly 70% of healthcare organization leaders are men, and only 25% of organizations have gender parity across the entire senior management level. The precipitous drop of women in leadership continues within academic ranking, with women making up 50% of the medical students and residents and just 21% of full professors in academic medicine. The differences are seen not just in promotion, but in pay, even when all factors are accounted for. In fact, women in medicine earn 82 cents to every dollar earned by men. The reasons for these gaps are multi-faceted, and we not only work to bring awareness to disparities but develop multi-faceted strategies to eliminate them. Because every woman deserves an equal opportunity.

Women make up 50% of medical students and just 21% of full professors in academic medicine

Data transparency and solution-orientation

Opportunity and economic parity are critical to improving gender equity in medicine. Here’s how we aim to close the gap:

  • Creating transparency around the status of promotion and pay for women in medicine.
  • Developing resources and solutions to solve the gender leadership gaps in medicine.
  • Empowering and uplifting women physicians through programmatic offerings.

Positioning women for success



RISE is our annual in-person event that brings together women from across medical specialties. The unique content combined with extensive networking opportunities with leaders in medicine means RISE provides an unmatched space for women to grow their networks and careers.

Stay tuned for details about RISE 2024!


Representation of Women in Cardiology Academic Faculty Ranks

Once women enter cardiology, less is known about the achievement of the highest academic ranks; however, older data demonstrate that women are less likely than men to achieve promotion. We’re proud to have supported this new important research into the professorial rank rates by gender at the top academic institutions.


Financial Empowerment | Women as One Roundtable

Watch our discussion among early career cardiologists about money with the hope of encouraging dialogue and stronger financial literacy among women.


Financial Considerations Guide

Download our guide on commonly asked questions to prepare for financial decisions across every career stage 

Conversation around promotion and pay
Learn how organizations are trying to even the playing field