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Donate to Women As One

Be a part of the change and help reduce gender inequalities in medicine. Your money will be invested in existing or new programs for women cardiologists around the world. With your donation, you will help create a more inclusive, diverse and just workforce in medicine.

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A few words from our community

This is a fantastic initiative to bring ambitious women in cardiology together, to support each other and to bring women to a higher level of leadership in the medical community.

Angela Maas, MD, PHD
Professor of Women’s Cardiac Health Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen, The Netherlands

I give to Women As One because we need to collectively be part of the change we need in medicine and in cardiology specifically. I have watched and waited for change. Through Women As One, I am now seeing the change we needed happen.

Division Chief of Cardiology – Professor of Medicine | University of Arizona-Phoenix – Phoenix, Arizona

From the first time I heard of women as one, I was so inspired and keen to be involved… The women involved are true leaders and more than that, they go to the extra mile to empower women and lift each other up so that we can all achieve what we should.

Shrilla Banerjee, MD
MBBS Consultant Interventional Cardiologist | Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, UK