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RISE was created to give women cardiologists a unique forum to connect, learn, and inspire a continued journey toward equity in medicine. The annual in-person conference launched in 2023 focuses on professional development training for women in medicine. RISE offers a unique opportunity to build non-clinical skills critical to career advancement and success. 

RISE @ ESC Congress 2024

Join us and the European Society of Cardiology in London on August 29 for an all-day conference the day before ESC Congress 2024. This year’s conference is focused on leadership, working to address the continual underrepresentation of women in leadership roles in both academic and clinical settings. 

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RISE offers a unique opportunity for women cardiologists to come together, share knowledge, and collaborate with one another. By fostering meaningful relationships and building consensus on best practices, RISE supports the mission of advancing gender equity in medicine and provides a supportive environment where women cardiologists can learn, grow, and achieve their full potential.


RISE seeks to empower women cardiologists by bringing together a diverse group of individuals from both within and outside of the medical field. Through this community, women cardiologists are inspired to overcome the challenges they face and are encouraged to reflect on their role in effecting meaningful change in the medical system. By fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, RISE aims to help women cardiologists break down barriers and achieve their full potential in the medical field.


Attendees at RISE have a shared vision of creating a more inclusive and diverse field that empowers all individuals to thrive and succeed. By coming together, we are reinvigorated in our mission and inspired to make a positive impact. Together, we RISE to meet the challenges before us, knowing that by working together, we can achieve our goals and create a better future for all. 


Objectively focused networking sessions offer attendees a chance to interact with world-leading faculty members. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to establish meaningful relationships and exchange ideas and expertise, helping attendees to leave re-energized to pursue exciting new opportunities in their home environments.

A few words from our community

The RISE conference not only provided me with insights into my full potential and the skills and resources I needed to get there, but also pushed me to think about how I could connect with a network of phenomenal women to work towards a day where cardiology is an equitable field for men and women, both as physicians and patients.

L. Nedda Dastmalchi, DO, MA
Cardiology Fellow, Temple University Hospital, USA.

What a privilege to attend the first RISE conference with so many stellar women in cardiology. Many thanks Dr. Roxana Mehran, Dr. Azin Parhizgar, and the rest of the amazing faculty.  

Jennifer Matson, BME, MPH
Head of Medical Affairs, Acarix

Delighted and humbled to be participating in the #RISE2023 inaugural meeting in #NYC today. Thanks to Dr. Roxana Mehran and Women As One for this inspiring gathering of women in medicine!!  

Jennifer Sargent PhD
Deputy Editor, Nature Medicine

Revisiting past conferences

RISE 2023

The inaugural RISE Conference took place in February 2023 in New York City. Sessions included candid panel discussions with department chiefs, funding organisations, and industry sponsors to highlight what changes are still needed, and what opportunities there are for women cardiologists. We were joined by three incredible keynote speakers, Dr. Sasha Shillcutt, Eric Collins and Geena Davis!  

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RISE @ ESC Congress 2024

Event Date – 29/08/2024 9:00 am
RISE Partner Events

Join us in London on August 29th for the return of RISE @ ESC Congress 2024.