Dr. Lucrecia Maria Burgos


Research Award2021 Escalator Awards

The award made it possible for me to belong to a network of empowered women, with colleagues and leaders in knowledge that I admire a lot. Women as One allowed the visibility of academic opportunities for young women cardiologists, especially in Latin America where this type of recognition is not frequent.

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The CAVAL US-AHF trial will investigate whether lung and IVC ultrasound-guided therapy complementing clinical evaluation reduces mid-term clinical events in hospitalized patients with AHF.


Lucrecia Maria Burgos, MD, is a full-time cardiologist in the heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, and heart transplant department at Instituto Cardiovascular de Buenos Aires in Argentina.

She completed medical school at the National University of the South and the residency training program at the Instituto Cardiovascular de Buenos Aires. She specialized in cardiology at the University of Buenos Aires and obtained a degree in advanced heart failure at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina – Duke University.  Dr. Burgos has multiple postgraduate degrees in clinical research and advanced use of statistical software, and is currently in the second year of a cardiovascular ultrasound fellowship.

Dr. Burgos has received numerous awards, most recently as best scientific researcher of 2019, as well as multiple university research grants (ISCOMS, Abel Tasman Talent Program, Scientific Vocations of the National Interuniversity Council and an Introduction to Research grant). She has authored more than 40 peer-reviewed articles, and is an active member of the research committee at Instituto Cardiovascular de Buenos Aires.

An emerging leader of the World Heart Federation and the Inter-American Society of Cardiology (SIAC) representing Argentina, Dr. Burgos is mentoring younger students from all around the continent as they complete their own projects. She has brought to the Emerging Leader Group of SIAC a holistic view about inclusiveness, diversity and equity. She firmly advocates against discrimination on the basis of race, sexual preference and identity, and political differences, and has started a project on Gender Equity in Cardiology.

Dr Burgos is a member of the heart failure council of the Argentine Society of Cardiology, and the International Society of Electrocardiology Young Community (ISE-YC). She served as an editor of the continuous update program of the Argentine Society of Cardiology and editor-in-chief of the Argentine Journal of Cardiology Residents. She was recently selected as a reviewer in the mentoring program of the European Heart Journal – Case Reports.