Dr. Sylwia Iwańczyk


Research Award2023

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I am an interventional cardiologist and academic teacher in the 1st Cardiology Department at Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland. In 2021, I obtained the title of Doctor of Medical Science.

My special interests are complex coronary interventions, coronary physiology, imaging, and the assessment of microvascular dysfunction. My research is focused mainly on the areas mentioned above of interventional cardiology, fostering collaboration with numerous cardiology centers in Poland and abroad. However, a particular area of my research for six years has been patients with coronary artery aneurysms (CAAs). So far, I have completed two grants devoted to researching CAA pathogenesis and assessing aneurysms’ molecular and inflammatory backgrounds. In addition, as part of a comprehensive assessment of CAA patients, I am currently leading two projects:

“Assessment of the molecular basis of aneurysmal dilatation of the coronary arteries.” and “Assessment of vessel remodeling in coronary aneurysms using optical coherence tomography.”

I will use the Escalator Research Award grant for a study that comprehensively assesses coronary microcirculation in patients with aneurysm dilatation of coronary arteries. My preliminary research indicates a significant coronary microvascular dysfunction (MVD) in this group of patients. Confirmation of MVD in CAA patients will be the first step towards targeted treatment to decrease the severity of this condition and improve prognosis.
Having the honor to work in high-volume academic centers, I participate in numerous national and international research projects, including as a principal investigator (OCT-CONTACT study). In addition, in collaboration with the Institute of Human Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences, I conduct research in the field of basic science: “Modeling of left ventricular noncompaction cardiomyopathy (LVNC) to understand its molecular basis and development mechanism.”

I am an active member of the cardiology community, a member of the 2022-2024 EAPCI Quality Improvement Committee, Polish Cardiac Society, Association of Cardiovascular Interventions of the Polish Cardiac Society (ACVI), European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI), as well as Club 30 of the Polish Cardiac Society. In addition, I took an active part in national and international congresses (Poznan Cardiac Meetings 2020-2022, EuroPCR 2021, 2022) and numerous webinars in the field of interventional cardiology (including the series of webinars “Complex Coronation Interventions 2022”, “Bifurcation Workshops Series 2022”, “CTO Workshops Series 2022”).

I established a research team of young women in the 1st Cardiology Department in 2021. My goal is to support their scientific and professional development, as well as to create a successful research team.