Dr. Aghunik Zakaryan


Kickstarter Award2023

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I’m Aghunik Zakaryan, a vascular surgeon from Armenia. After finishing my school in Gyumri in 2010, I needed to move to Yerevan to study at Yerevan State Medical University. During my studies both in school and at the university, I attended in different competitions and won prizes. While doing my residency program in vascular surgery, I become a member of Armenian Association of Vascular Surgery, European Society for Vascular Surgery.

I work as a full-time vascular surgeon in Nork -Marash Medical Center , which is the first and the most well-known cardiovascular clinic in Armenia founded by USA based cardiac surgeon Hrair Hovagimian and have shifts also in peripheral Gyumri Medical Center in Shirak region to help local doctors and residents.

Being determined, self-confident, empathetic person, I put the patients safety first by providing them modern evidence-based individual medical aid having in consideration also their personal uniqueness. In order for a continuous development as a person, doctor and female I attended in classes for young female entrepreneurs, medical leadership. If there is some free window in my schedule I spend it on hiking in Armenian beautiful mountains, creating warm memories with family and friends and on volunteering.