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Our time at TCT 2023

We headed to San Francisco in October to join our community and industry partners. Take a look at our highlights!

TAVR Focus group with Medtronic

From underrepresentation to underdiagnosis, there are challenges and differences in how men and women are diagnosed and treated with TAVR.

Day one at TCT saw us host a powerful and inspiring focus group with Medtronic to discuss health equity and the representation of women in TAVR. Dr. Roxana Mehran introduced the session, and physicians joined from Women As One’s Talent Directory to strategize on how the diversification of patients and physicians in TAVR trials can be replicated.

Session spotlight: Diversity and Inclusion: How far have we come?

During the second day of TCT, Dr Mehran led a robust Diversity and Inclusion panel discussion. How far have we come? Not far at all. While the FDA’s Diversity Action Plans are now mandatory, alongside increasing diversity in trial leadership, we must continue to go to where patients are in their communities to remove barriers and increase diversity among trial participants.

Networking with Abiomed

Day three of TCT wrapped up with our networking reception in partnership with Abiomed. We were excited to see so many of our women physicians from around the world and hear about new industry opportunities from one of our key partners. When women come together, amazing things happen.

Boston Scientific shares their expertise

The last day of TCT saw us partner with Boston Scientific to bring an esteemed panel together at a breakfast event. The group shared their advice on how to collaborate and build your career. The key takeaway:

✨ Seize opportunities based on what inspires you, your passions, and knowing your values and priorities. Be intentional, use your voice, and take the step forward✨