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Investing in mentorship in 2024

The 2024 Escalator Awards were refined to focus exclusively on mentorship, a factor consistently identified in career success for women physicians. The resulting funded and supported mentorship pairings have a unique global focus and match an experienced mentor physician with a mentee in specialty / fellowship training. The cross-institutional pairs will work together to advance the cardiology field and the specific diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. A partner organization sponsors each award in a particular area of clinical interest. By supporting this unique mentorship program, these organizations have showcased their commitment to a diverse medical workforce and new professional opportunities for women physicians. 

The winners

Escalator Award recipients were selected carefully by a review panel comprised of senior physicians and world leaders in cardiovascular medicine. We are honored to support the fantastic work that these three pairs of rising women physicians will create.

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Mentorship Pairing #1: Microvascular Disease

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The recipients of this award will work together on a project related to multimodality imaging and diagnostic techniques for microvascular disease.



  • Mentor: Victoria Delgado, MD, PhD
  • Mentee: Soledad Orazi, MD



Portrait of two diverse female surgeons in caps and masks smiling in operating theatre.

Mentorship Pairing #2: Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy

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This mentor and mentee pairing will be developing research around genetic factors in ATTR-CM and the use of imaging for diagnosis and monitoring of this condition.



  • Mentor: Emer Joyce, MD, PhD
  • Mentee: Natasha Gorrie, MD, GradCert ClinEd


Mentorship Pairing #3: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

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The recipients of this award plan to investigate best practices in the treatment and management of HCM.



  • Mentor: Forum Kamdar, MD, PhD
  • Mentee: Marilena Giannoudi, MBBS, MRes, MSc