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Elevating the careers of women cardiologists

The Escalator Awards are a recognition of highly qualified women cardiologists who are taking action to improve patient care in their specialty. These awards offer targeted funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities. By providing support and visibility to talented women, we hope to develop a more equitable healthcare workforce. 

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Developing the pipeline of women leaders in medicine 

Globally, the number of women in leadership positions in medicine is consistently low. The reasons for this are well-documented, and the consequences are severe, both for women in practice and women in training. Women physicians fall behind their male counterparts in terms of professorship rank, compensation, editorial board participation, and clinical trial leadership. These disparities are particularly stark when considering advanced medical subspecialties such as cardiology. Women in these subspecialties also report a notable lack of access to adequate mentorship opportunities despite mentorship being a vital contributor to equity among care providers and the diversity of key opinion leaders.

Addressing gender disparities in cardiology 

The awards serve to “escalate” a highly qualified group of women physicians by providing them with funding, targeted mentorship, and a suite of professional advancement opportunities. These awards have the potential to expeditiously increase the number of women in visible leadership positions, poised to shepherd more women into these subspecialties and create a more equitable workforce for the future. 

Hear from our winners

It’s truly transformed how I view myself. It’s an empowering experience apart from the skills and the investment that you’ve made. I feel like I’m investable. My vision is investable.It’s truly transformed how I view myself. It’s an empowering experience apart from the skills and the investment that you’ve made. I feel like I’m investable. My vision is investable.

Dr. Suvasini Lakshmanan, MD
Cardiology Fellow, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, USA
2022 Mentee Award winner

Thanks Women As One for this wonderful opportunity to have met my mentee Katia Bravo Jaimes who is doing amazing work in ACHD. We’ve continued to work together in other great initiatives. The Women As One Escalator Award provides opportunities to mentor other amazing WICs and expand outreach.

Renée Bullock Palmer, MD, FACC, FAHA, FASNC, FASE, FSCCT
Co-Director of the ACHD Program, Deborah Heart and Lung Center, USA
2021 Mentor Award winner
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Our winners

Since the program began in 2020, Women As One has distributed over $1 million in medical funding grants to high-potential women cardiologists. The achievements of our past Escalator Award winners speak for themselves. 

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