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Women As One supports European-funded project to enhance cardiovascular care resilience

Women As One is pleased to share its involvement as an Advisory Board member for the RESIL-Card project. Led by the We CARE initiative – supported by a consortium of experts in public health and interventional cardiology – and funded by a grant from the EU4Health Work Programme, the 36-month project aims to strengthen European healthcare systems to provide continuity of care for cardiovascular patients during and after crises.

As an Advisory Board member, Women As One will play a pivotal role in informing the development and distribution of a resilience assessment toolkit. The toolkit will enable cardiac care systems across Europe to assess their resilience and identify and address gaps using recommended standards, ultimately delivering better integrated cardiac care pathways. Recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives, the RESIL-Card Consortium has enlisted Women As One to ensure the inclusion of women’s experiences and insights as both patients and providers across RESIL-Card. The goal is to aid in the creation of a tool that not only represents diverse groups but helps prevent future setbacks for women during crisis rebound, such as those experienced in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once developed, Women As One will take proactive steps to drive awareness of the tool throughout the 28 European countries involved in the project. Through the Talent Directory, Women As One will identify country champions to advocate for adopting and utilizing the resilience assessment tool within their respective regions. This includes Ukraine, a country prioritized by the EU4Health Work Programme when issuing the funding awards.

In March 2024, the RESIL-Card Consortium will develop a large-scale survey of physicians in relevant countries. The survey will assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cardiovascular care pathways and identify the good practices and innovative solutions implemented to ensure the continuity of care provision during the crisis. Women As One will actively support the promotion of the survey, ensuring that women’s voices are prominently represented in shaping the future of cardiovascular care resilience. Join the Talent Directory to stay informed about the project’s progress and contribute your insights.

Learn More: To learn more about the RESIL-Card project and Women As One’s involvement, visit here.

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