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Developing the business of you at RISE 2023

At RISE 2023, our goal is to create an in-person gathering for women physicians to network and learn from other experts in the field. Our agenda is packed with presentations from guest faculty across multiple medical specialties and industries, and we aim to drive professional growth for all attendees.

Executive Leadership Coach and Organizational Consultant Ruth Reiner, MBA, is one of the inspiring speakers you’ll hear from at RISE. In her interactive workshop, Ruth, alongside Grace Lin, MD, and Robin Germany, MD, will share her essential business acumen tips for physicians. We spoke to Ruth before the workshop to learn more about the topic and why these skills are essential for women physicians.

Q: What inspired you to become an Executive Leadership Coach?

A: My interest and expertise in developing leaders has evolved throughout my various careers, from starting out as an electrical engineer to being Associate Dean of Leadership Development at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. First, I thought that I could best help clients by being the subject matter expert and key problem solver; in other words, having the answers to people’s issues and problems. Over time, I learned that the greatest value I can bring is in asking powerful questions and being a mirror for people to see themselves more clearly, so they can find their own answers. Leaders are much more invested in solutions and successful in implementing them when they create their own pathways. There are lessons in this approach for all leaders, to balance inquiry with advocacy.

Q: Why do you think it would be important for women physicians to develop their business acumen?

A: Physicians are key stakeholders in the healthcare industry. In this rapidly changing and uncertain world, the business of healthcare impacts how providers deliver healthcare, fund and do clinical research, and provide ancillary services. Those doctors who understand financial statements, accounting, and pricing models can be more effective and confident in their decision-making, pitching their ideas, and managing negotiations. Having a foundation of business knowledge gives physicians a greater ability to be powerful advocates for programs and populations they are most passionate about. Not to mention, this can lead to broader and more diverse career opportunities.

Q: What do you hope women will take away from your workshop at RISE?

A: The women who participate in our workshop will, as a minimum, gain:

  • Insights and new ideas for their careers through diverse perspectives and stories on alternate career paths.
  • An opportunity to shape their personal/professional “brand” and receive feedback from colleagues right away.

Q: What are you most passionate about within your field?

A: Wow…so many things! One trend with great potential is peer-to-peer coaching. Large organizations and professional associations are investing in peer coaching groups, both facilitated and self-managed. There is so much value to be gained from one’s trusted advisors who can share their experiences, learning, and honest feedback. I facilitate a number of different peer coaching groups, and am amazed by the power of a personal advisory board. You can bring your authentic self to the group to provide and receive support, on professional or personal issues. Group members can grow, solve problems, gain insights, and contribute to one another within a safe space to raise issues and gain perspectives of other women with similar and diverse experiences.

Join Ruth Reiner, MBA, and our other guest faculty in February and develop critical skills for your career. Make sure you’re part of it; register for RISE 2023 today and join us in New York City.

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