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5 tips to submit a great Escalator Awards application

You may be wondering how to make your application to the Escalator Awards stand out. We’ve created our top five pieces of advice to help your application be its best.

1) Spend time writing your letter of interest

Your letter of interest is the most important part of your application materials! Make sure you explain in detail the skills and qualifications that make you a great candidate. Also outline how the award will boost your career and help you become a force for positive change. Get more information in our FAQs.

2) Complete your profile and submit all required documents

Each award category requires you to complete your Talent Directory profile and submit several documents required to apply. We are unable to consider incomplete applications, so double-check that you submit all required elements. The specific requirements for each award can be found on our website.

3) Be unique and clear

If applying for the Research Award, make sure your research idea is novel and of high impact. The purpose and vision of your project should be clear and include how the research will benefit the population of an underserved community. Don’t forget to provide a protocol synopsis and detailed budget on how you intend to spend the award funding.

4) Provide plenty of detail without going overboard

If you’re applying for the Mentor Match or Kickstarter Award, provide clear detail about your professional circumstances, clinical and/or research interest areas. Describe how you would utilize the award’s mentorship and networking opportunities to grow your career.

5) Be authentic

Give the awards committee the chance to get to know you through your application. Show your personality and passion for your field. Consider how the opportunities created by this award could enable you to lift up other women colleagues and include those details in your letter of interest.

Learn more about the 2023 Escalator Awards and apply.

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