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5 Reasons to Apply for the Escalator Awards

The Escalator Awards recognize highly qualified women physicians who are breaking new ground in their areas of specialty. By providing targeted funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities, the awards aim to fortify the pipeline of women leaders in medicine. In doing so we hope to develop a more equitable healthcare workforce for the future.

Why should you apply to the Escalator Awards? Here are just five of many reasons.

1. Access funding to progress your career

Each award receives funding that can be invested in projects and personal development (award dependent) that will help advance your career.

  • Research award recipients receive $50,000 to spend on an approved research project that benefits the population of an underserved community. Tell me more.
  • Mentor Match award recipients receive either $25,000 (mentor) or $10,000 (mentee) that can be used towards protected time to work together or on project expenses. I’m interested.
  • Kickstarter award recipients receive an in-kind investment of $3,000 that will support access to training and mentorship opportunities for women physicians practicing in nations with transitional and developing economies. I want to be involved.

2. Receive mentorship from senior physicians

Mentoring is vital for the development of all physicians. Learning from people who are more advanced in their career can provide invaluable direction and support.

  • Research award recipients will benefit from four virtual mentorship meetings with rotating senior reviewers to provide support and feedback on their research projects. Discover more.
  • Mentor match award recipients will benefit from three virtual mentorship meetings with rotating senior reviewers who will provide support for the project being developed by the pairing. See what else you can access.
  • Kickstarter award recipients will access specific mentorship touchpoints at the 2023 Women as One RISE conference. Find out how else you could benefit.

3. Increase your visibility with industry leaders

Attending conferences, publishing research, and maintaining professional outreach are all powerful ways to get the attention of industry leaders. The Escalator Awards give you the opportunity and support you need to make yourself known in your field.

4. Support the development of an early-career physician

Mentors who win the Mentor Match Award receive a unique opportunity to see the direct impact that their knowledge and experience on early-career physicians. The satisfaction that comes from supporting someone else’s success is not only personally rewarding but can empower you in your career. Hear from three mentors from the class of 2021 about how being a mentor has benefitted them;

5. Network with other physicians around the world

All award recipients will benefit from in-person meeting opportunities at various professional conferences, including the Women as One RISE conference in February, 2023.

Networking is vital for career advancement. The ability to grow your network can help you access career progression opportunities that you may otherwise not be able to access. Get tips for how to make the most of networking opportunities here.

Learn more about the 2023 Escalator Awards, including award eligibility criteria and how to apply here.