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10 pieces of advice every female medical student should know

10 pieces of advice every female medical student should know


If you haven’t yet found your mentor,  here are 10 pieces of advice for female medical students to help get you started.

A few weeks back, we asked our community on Twitter the following question:

What’s one piece of advice you would share with new female medical students?

In this article, we reshare a few of the responses we got.

1. Do more than just study

Do more than just study. Get involved with med student societies, women’s groups , form connections and build your otter raft. My friends from Med school are some of my dearest friends. They motivate me and make me feel supported and loved. @AMWAStudents @EmoryMedicine

— Gina Vaccinated Lundberg MD FACC FAHA (@gina_lundberg) June 25, 2021

2. Be yourself

Don’t change your personality to fit the stereotype of a specialty. You’ll be much happier being yourself!

Don’t delay starting a family.if you’re ready, go for it regardless of what stage you’re at in training

— Deepa Raghunathan, MD, FACC (@DrDeepa1020) June 26, 2021

3. Never be silent

Can a man reply?
Never be silent if you know you had been denied a fair chance because of your gender,color,race or religion.

— Hany Ragy (@Hragy) June 26, 2021

4. Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself. You got there because you deserved it. So don’t doubt yourself. Ask questions when you don’t know. And enjoy the ride! It is awesome! #wearewithyou

— Dr. Martha Gulati “Get Vaccinated Please” (@DrMarthaGulati) June 25, 2021

5. Look ahead

Look ahead , not over your shoulder and Don’t let anyone tell you what you CAN NOT do

— sunita (@sunita57347943) June 25, 2021

6. Never change who you are

Never change who you are to become what you want – there are no stereotypes, just individuals with the passion to deliver a service to patients – believe you can, and you will!

— Kalaivani Mahadevan (@KVM83) June 25, 2021

7. Take care of yourself

Prioritize taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. Surround yourself with people who help fill your bucket!

— Julie Damp (@BoydDamp) June 26, 2021

8. You deserve to be where you are

You deserve to be heard and seen.

— Dr. Alice Cheng (@AliceYYCheng) June 26, 2021

9. Learn the importance of balance

Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t ask for advice. Don’t change to fit a stereotype of your chosen specialty. Treat everyone as you wish to be treated yourself. Work smart & learn the importance of balance. And wear pink suits to speak at conferences if you want to

— Sarah Fairley (@SarahFairley7) June 26, 2021

10. Never give up!

Never give up

— Angela Maas (@MaasAngela) June 26, 2021

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‍⚕️ Women #physicians,
What’s one piece of advice you would share with new female #medical students? #womeninmedicine

— Women as One (@WomenAs1) June 25, 2021

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