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One Fund

One Fund


Help the One Fund reach our goal of
$200,000 in donations through the end of year!

The One Fund is Women as One’s investment in the future of medicine. It is an investment vehicle through which the organization will be able to build bigger, bolder programming in support of women physicians around the world. By contributing to The One Fund, you will help us grow our ongoing investment in women, thereby creating a reciprocal culture of investing, and strengthening our collective ability to succeed.

“This is a fantastic initiative to BRING AMBITIOUS WOMEN IN CARDIOLOGY TOGETHER, to support each other and to bring women to a higher level of leadership in the medical community.”

Professor of Women’s Cardiac Health Radboud
University Medical Center Nijmegen, The Netherland 


“I give to Women As One because we need to collectively be PART OF THE CHANGE WE NEED IN MEDICINE and in cardiology specifically. I have watched and waited for change. Through Women As One, I am now seeing the change we needed happen.”

Division Chief of Cardiology, University of Arizona-Phoenix – Professor of Medicine
Phoenix, Arizona 

2019-2020 Individual Donors

Women as One would like to thank our generous donors. Women as One is not a membership organization, and provides all programming to women free of charge. Women as One therefore relies on the generous donations of individuals who believe in our mission. All donations are entirely tax deductible, and contribute to Women as One’s ability to develop innovative programs in support of the many talented women in medicine around the world.


donations 5k or higher

George Dangas, MD

Fred Khosravi

Roxana Mehran, MD

Marie-Claude Morice, MD


donations 1k or higher

J. Dawn Abbott MD

Pamela Douglas, MD

Linda Gillam, MD, MPH

Cindy Grines, MD

Martha Gulati, MD

Toniya Singh, MD

Olga Votis

Rashmee Shah MD, MS

Shelley Rae Zieroth, MD


donations below 1k

Anita Asgar, MD

Ana Belen Cid Alvarez, MD

Suzanne Baron, MD

Najdat Bazarbashi, MD

Sarah Birkhoelzer, MRCP

Riosin Colleran, MD, BCh

Claire Duvernoy, MD

Karen Kim, MD

Janet Kirwan, MD

Angela Maas, MD

Jennifer Mieres, MD

Neeli Nadella, MD

Michelle Ouellette, MD

Patrizia Presbitero, MD, PhD

Lidia Sousa, MD

Carolyn Squeri

Saeko Takashi, MD

Kamala Tamirisa, MD

Lakshmi Tummala, MD

Gladys Velarde, MD

Marthea Wilson

Women as One is a 501c3 not for profit organization. As such, we rely on financial support from our stakeholders in order to advance our mission of promoting talent in medicine.

Women As One aims to enrich the global talent pool in medicine through the development of unique professional opportunities for female physicians.

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